Selected project examples

Long-term strategy and asset-specific asset management plan


Marafiq is a major power, water and sanitation utility in Saudi Arabia. Fichtner is assisting Marafiq with the assessment and establishment of their asset management system overall as well as with the development of long-term asset management planning for a pilot plant. To this end, Fichtner carried out a determination of the maturity level in accordance with ISO 55.000 (the international asset management standard), identified strengths and weaknesses, and developed an implementation roadmap focusing on future certification. Long-term goals and strategies for company-wide asset management were developed on the basis of these findings. A concrete long-term asset management plan with specific goals, strategies and scenario-based performance forecasts was developed for a gas turbine as part of a pilot, and this now serves as a template for all other asset categories.

Fichtner services

  • Determination of the maturity level according to ISO 55.000 (asset management standard)
  • Development of an implementation roadmap for the next 10-15 years focusing on certification
  • Development of company-wide asset management goals and strategies focusing on the next 15 years
  • Development of a long-term asset management plan for a gas turbine and associated assets over a planning horizon of 15 years
  • Inspection of the technical equipment, interviews with technical staff on site, analysis of documentation and, based on this, assessment of the technical condition of the facilities
  • Derivation of future performance forecasts based on scenarios
  • Life cycle costing for specific facilities
  • Provision of training on ISO 55.000