Selected project examples

Further development of strategic asset management.


Currenta operates three large chemical parks in western Germany. Fichtner is assisting with the further development of strategic asset management for the entire Currenta Group. The maturity level of the asset management system as a whole was first of all assessed based on the requirements of ISO 55.000, and potential for improvement was identified. Concrete measures for optimizing asset management were defined together with the customer and incorporated into an implementation roadmap. Fichtner additionally assisted with the development of the strategic asset management plan (SAMP) for the entire Currenta Group, which was subsequently represented in a digital SharePoint. Finally, a concrete asset management plan was developed for the Pipeline Networks division based on the specifications in the SAMP.

Fichtner services

  • Determination of the maturity level according to ISO 55.000 (asset management standard)
  • Identification of potential optimizations related to asset management and development of an implementation roadmap for the next 5 years
  • Development of a company-wide strategic asset management plan (SAMP) according to ISO 55.000 for the entire Currenta Group and representation in a digital SharePoint
  • Development of an asset management plan for the Pipeline Networks division incl. goals, strategies, plans and roles